Mulberry silk pillowcases

Are Silk Pillowcases The Same?

In the quest for a good night's sleep and beautiful skin, silk pillowcases have become a necessary component of many people's nighttime rituals. However, not all silk pillowcases are created equal. ICONIC SILKS, with its 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases boasting a thickness of 22 momme (graded 6A), sets the gold standard in silk pillowcase quality. In this blog, we'll explore the world of silk pillowcases and uncover the key factors that set ICONIC SILKS apart.

Understanding the Silk Varieties

Silk is a luxurious fabric derived from the cocoon threads of silkworms. The quality of silk can vary significantly depending on the type of silkworm, their diet, and the weaving process. ICONIC SILKS sources its silk from the highly-prized Mulberry silkworms. These silkworms feed exclusively on Mulberry leaves, resulting in the finest and most sought-after silk in the world.

Momme: The Silk Quality Indicator

The momme weight is one of the key characteristics that set silk pillowcases apart. A quantity called a momme (commonly abbreviated as "mm") is used to quantify the weight and density of silk fabric. A denser, more opulent fabric is indicated by a higher momme weight. Silk pillowcases by ICONIC SILKS are made from 22 momme silk, giving them a luxurious feel and outstanding tensile strength. Lower momme-weight silk is frequently used in less expensive alternatives, which may lead to a less supple and robust product.

The Scale of Grading: 6A Silk

The grading system is another important factor in determining silk quality. The highest grade of silk used by ICONIC SILKS is grade 6A. With this grade, the length, uniformity, and purity of the silk fibers are guaranteed. Since 6A silk is sometimes referred to as "Grade A" or "Best Quality" silk, it is the ideal material for anyone looking for the utmost in comfort and elegance.

The Benefits of ICONIC SILKS Silk Pillowcases

Now that we've explored the factors that make ICONIC SILKS silk pillowcases exceptional, let's dive into the benefits they offer:

  1. Gentle on Skin and Hair: The smooth surface of Mulberry silk reduces friction, preventing hair breakage and minimizing sleep creases on your skin.

  2. Hydrating Properties: ICONIC SILKS takes it a step further by infusing hyaluronic acid into their silk fabric. This powerhouse combination delivers deep hydration to your skin as you sleep.

  3. Anti-Aging: The reduction of friction and retention of skin's natural moisture helps combat signs of aging, leaving you with a more youthful complexion.

  4. Durable and Long-Lasting: Thanks to its 22 momme thickness and 6A grade, ICONIC SILKS silk pillowcases are built to withstand years of use.

  5. Promotes Restful Sleep: The luxurious feel of silk against your skin provides an unparalleled sleep experience, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed.

To sum up, not all silk pillowcases are the samel. With its 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases, ICONIC SILKS raises the bar and provides exceptional quality and distinctive advantages. The correct silk pillowcase can significantly improve the quality of your sleep and the condition of your skin. Discover the transformational power of pure silk while experiencing the luxury of ICONIC SILKS.

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